Frequently asked questions
How much does the IELTS cost in India?

Any IELTS tests administered after 01 April 2016, will have the registration fee of INR 11,100.

How long will my IELTS score will be valid for?

Your IELST score are valid for 2 years from the date of receiving your result.

Can I give the paper again? How soon?

A candidate can sit for the OELTS exams as many times he/she wants.

What happens if I am unable to appear for the test?

In the event a registered candidate fails to appear for their IELTS test, the candidate is deemed an absentee and a refund will not be applicable. If a medical certificate can be produced within 5 days of the test, your fees is refunded minus the administration costs.

Which IELTS test should I take?

You have to take the general test if you applying for work or immigration and take the academic test if you plan to apply for foreign universities.

Does the complete IELTS exam take place on the same day?

No, the speaking test happens a few days before the Reading, Writing and Listening test. However, the latter sections all take place in one sitting.

What should I bring for the test?

Make sure to bring a valid ID proof and IELTS acceptance mail. All the stationary is provided at the venue. Wear comfortable clothes and reach the venue 15 minutes advance to avoid any hassle