The IELTS and the TOEFL are one of the two compulsory exams that student or a working man must give in order to go abroad for work and studies. However, there are certain differences to both the exams in various formats, sections and the content. Due to these differences, each exam comes with their pros and cons which suits each person differently.

Both test the four main language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. They are both standardised tests which- in theory- means that the scores are consistent throughout the world. There is not much difference in price either, with both costing between $150 and $250 dollars depending on where you do it.

Regardless, based on our experience, we have differentiated the exams in the following way:

A Accent

Choose IELTS if you are comfortable with British accent or TOEFL if you are more at ease with American accent.

T Typing or Writing

If your typing speed is not good then don’t take TOEFL, as it requires you to type your essay answer. IELTS, on the other hand, allows you to write your essay answer. Also, TOEFL is computer based paper, so you use a keyboard to write your answers, IELTS uses a pen and paper.

T Test duration

IELTS is a shorter exam than TOEFL requiring 2 hours 45 minutes. TOEFL takes about 4 hours to complete. So if you want to give a shorter exam, then go for IELTS.

T Types of Questions

TOEFL contains only multiple choice questions, whereas IELTS has other formats of questions like fill in the gaps and matching along with multiple choice questions. You can choose the exam according to the question format you prefer.

S Schools in the US or rest of the world

If you are applying for an institution in US, then consider taking TOEFL since it is more widely accepted in the US. For anywhere else, IELTS is the preferred choice.

S Speaking

This is probably the biggest difference between the two tests. In the IELTS test you will talk to a real person and in the TOEFL test you will speak to a computer. Some people find talking to a computer very strange while others actually prefer it.

All things considered, we highly urge the students to give a mock exam for both the papers so that they may individually judge them on their own merits.